Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Plan

Our desire is to provide a safe living environment for at risk teen girls, including pregnant teens. We want to help them continue their education, learn job skills, money management and become productive adults.


  • Provide a home with room and board 
  • Provide a family environment 
  • Provide a way to obtain HS Diploma or GED 
  • Assist in job placement in a local business 
  • Provide skills that will lead to a sustainable job 
  • Counsel on rebuilding relationships with their parents (family) 
  • Assist with child care, including sick children, during working hours
  • Provide parenting classes 
  • Teach money management skills 
  • Plan for an independent future 
  • Show the love of Christ through our daily actions

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Beginning

We are in the planning stages of opening a home for at risk teen girls.

Wow that is scary to say out loud. Let me go back and share some of the events that have brought us here. 

My husband and I were foster parents to 9 beautiful children over the course of 2006 - 2009. We adopted our son Matthew through foster care. He came to us as an emergency foster placement and just stuck! We can’t imagine our lives without him. Fostering had been a desire of mine since I was 9 years old. The reality of fostering through CPS is that it is very hard on your entire family. After we finalized Matthew’s adoption, we chose to not accept anymore placements. As our home was closing to foster care, I grieved the loss of that dream. But a new dream was forming. As always, God had a plan!

 I had been praying for God to give me direction in my career. I was just worn out from the corporate environment. The stress of always trying to do more with less and the lack of personal relationships. An IT Director’s position spends lots of time behind a computer monitor and keyboard. There was a lot of encouragement from my professional friends, but nothing on the job front and no good leads. So I kept praying.

During this time of prayer and seeking God’s will for our lives in relation to fostercare and my career, a new dream was planted of opening a home for at risk teen girls. This idea bounced around as a topic of discussion in our family for several years. It was a way to continue the dream of working in the lives of others and providing for a home for those who needed one. But we had a teen son and a teen daughter; we couldn’t put either of them at risk so we continued to pray and to wait.

Several years later I saw a piece of property for sale. I drove by it everyday on my way to pick up our then 4 year old. One day I looked at that property and saw a vision. I could see how each building, the pool and barn could be used to teach life lessons. Think property management, farming, pool upkeep and so on. God had planted a seed of what an at risk teen home might look like.

 Each day the seed grew a little until it was full blown dream.

That was almost 4 years ago. Now it is time to put the dream on paper. I feel called by God to start this ministry, as you can see God has been building the plan and dream in my heart for years. The last few months things have really taken off.

We decided to name the ministry "Ephesus - You Are Wanted". The story of Ephesus and being adopted into God's family is very powerful to my family, as we have an adopted son, a young boy that society didn't want.

North Collin County and surrounding areas have a large number of run aways, pregnant teens, and girls who hop from couch to couch and never go home. The ministry will be designed to reach these girls. The goals are to help them stay in school, get a job, budget their money and show them the love of Christ.

Ephesus - Our Mission Statement

 Mission Statement

Ephesus exists to help at risk teen girls in North Collin County and surrounding areas become successful adults.  We will carry out this mission by providing a safe living environment, assistance in continued education, job placement and training, and money management skills. We will work with each teen to establish a set of goals and steps to reach them.  We will do these things while modeling the love of Christ through our daily interactions with those around us.